Pasteur V Beauchamp

Did you know that our current ‘medical model’ or allopathic approach to health all stems from one mans view?

This person was Louis Pasteur (1885) who created the ‘germ theory,’ the idea that germs are floating around in the air and will attack us if we do not protect ourselves with pharmaceutical substances.

Pasteur, like many of us, wanted to be successful and prove his theories about dangerous germs were the cause of all human disease. Unfortunately he had an intelligent opposition named Antoine Beauchamp who completely rejected Pasteur’s ideas and put forward that the biological terrain of the being is the cause of disease, not the germ itself. Beauchamp believed that germs and parasites will only survive in acidic and unfavourable conditions and therefore mere exposure to germs is not enough to get sick.

Beauchamp believed,

“The primary cause of disease is in us, always in us.”
Antoine Beauchamp, 1883

As is often the case one man had a lot more support than the other at this time and this man was Louis Pasteur. His theory seemed to fit, people didn’t need to take responsibility for their own health any longer and the solution seemed easy enough to rectify, plus it would improve the economics of the country and provide thousands with new careers in the manufacturing, marketing, production and promotion of pharmaceuticals.

Have you ever wondered why only a few people get a cold after coming in contact with someone that already has one?

 If Pasteur’s theory was right surely we would all ‘catch’ a cold with no exception?

See a fantastic cartoon created by Dr. Mercola around this idea.

On his death bed Pasteur is in fact reported to have admitted that Beauchamp’s theory was right and that all disease starts with the condition of the body.

For those of you that are interested there is much more information about the history of medicine and recommended books at

So this is not a way to blame one person for the state of our current thoughts on health, however once we open our eyes to the bigger picture we see there were perhaps more important agendas than our country’s health at the time these two scientists came head to head.

I fully support Beauchamp’s theory and believe entirely that our body’s internal environment will ultimately determine our health…no matter whom or what we are exposed to.

Stay tuned for a link on ways we can change our internal environment to maximise our chances at a full and energetic life. A great book for concepts on inner terrain for you and your family is ‘Sick and Tired’ by Dr Young.

May this post challenge, inspire and excite you.

I look forward to reading your comments

In health



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  Tim Davies wrote @

Hey Fran.

Welcome to the blogosphere 🙂

This is fascinating. A real conceptual shift – but certainly one that seems to make sense.

I’ve just made it a new years resolution to subscribe to your blog and see if I can make a few changes to respond…

All the best


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