Dis-Ease IS the CURE!

If one day you were driving along and your oil light begun flashing at you would you:

  • a) Take a CD case and smash through the glass until the light stopped flashing
  • b) Ignore it – denial is best
  • c) Stop the car and check the oil levels.

You see my understanding is that most of us treat our cars much better than we treat our bodies. And most of us really don’t treat our cars that well! I would guess that most of you would answer c) and you would stop when you could to check your oil and probably refill.

So why is it that when we get a warning sign from our body we prefer to

  • a) take a drug and pretend it isn’t there 
  • b) ignore it completely and carry on regardless?

I do not blame you for suppressing the symptoms you have had over the years as I know this is due to misguided information and education. But I do care about your health and well being and I want you to know there are some things you can do TODAY to give your body a break and reclaim your health and energy.

Just for 1 minute imagine your body is your kitchen. I know this sounds crazy but you will never forget this metaphor. Imagine your bin is full and needs emptying but you don’t empty it and instead start filling another one. (Of course this wouldn’t happen (or would it?!?!) but just go with me for a second. Imagine over the weeks and months you fill more and more bin sacks (trash sacks for my US friends!) and never remove them from your kitchen. You start to notice it is harder to move around your kitchen, you are slower in preparing and creating as a result. You feel uninspired when you are in your kitchen because you are surrounded by rubbish! You start to feel low and lack in energy every time you walk in there. Eventually the kitchen can’t take the amount of trash bags anymore and the trash begins to overflow through the doorway into the next room.

Now have you guessed it yet? Your body is the kitchen and what you feed it on physical, emotional and spiritual level is the trash. Because your body is so intelligent it says

‘Hang on a minute this is too much I need to get rid of some crap!’

And all the Naturopaths in the house say

‘Fantastic, let it out you will feel so much better!’

And the rest of us say

‘Oh no a cold, better take some medication and pretend my body isn’t trying to communicate with me!’

Have you ever heard the phrase?

The presenting symptom is never the real problem’

If you really want to be successful in your health and have the energy and vitality you have dreamed of you have to let it out! Building things up in your body and taking a suppressant will only worsen the real root cause.

This is the same in business, in relationships and health. Address the root cause and you are 90% there!

So next time you feel a cold or fever coming on rest, hydrate and let your body do what it does best. For more information on how to get through a cold/flu naturally please contact Fran.

How much do you want your health?



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  Thor wrote @

Fran this sounds great unless you have shares in Glaxo-Smithkline etc!

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