The ‘F’ Word

That’s right flaxseeds (otherwise known as linseeds!) 



 Flax is so wonderful because it: 

Promotes cardiovascular health The ultra-high levels of omega-3 fatty acids lower LDL (bad). Fish oils and algae are also good sources of essential fatty acids.  

Promotes colon health It has anti-cancer properties and, as a natural lubricant and a rich fibre source, it lowers the risk of constipation.

It Boosts Immunity!

Keeps your brain working In fact essential oils found in flax are called essential because they are absolutely needed for our brain to work efficiently. Our children can not be expected to concentrate in class if they do not have a healthy dose of essential oil a day.
Flax promotes healthy skin.  Flax can be used externally also. Dry feet, scalp, eczema, psoriasis are skin conditions it helps alleviate. Of course the internal cause needs to also be addressed for lasting change. 

Flax fat can be slimming! Fats high in essential fatty acids, such as flax, increase the body’s metabolic rate, helping to burn the excess, unhealthy fats in the body. Eating the right kind of fat gives you a better fighting chance of your body storing the right amount of fats.   
Check out this link for affordable and high quality organic fax seeds. Cytoplan are an exceptional company.

For the best way to eat Flax see this video. This is especially for all my female readers! 



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