Health Is A Decision

  If you knew you had excellent health and energy how would your life be different?

Just think about this for a moment because NOT thinking about this is what really holds clients back.

If you had boundless energy, perfect digestion, clear thoughts and creativity, an inner feeling of calm, no pain, a balanced body weight, clear skin, and a healthy appetite and so on, imagine how your life would be different.


In other words WHAT HOLDS YOU BACK?

Most people fall into one of four categories;

You do not do what it takes to feel and be healthy because you:

  • a) Don’t think it will make any difference
  • b) Think it will be much harder and more uncomfortable than sticking to what you have always done
  • c) Are scared by change
  • d) Think it will be too expensive

Now let me ask you a question.

When was the last thing you decided on something you really wanted in life and you succeeded in getting it?

How many excuses did you come up with that got in your way? Exactly! So maybe you don’t want this badly enough.

If you don’t see the long term benefits of changing your behaviour NOW…nothing you do will ever be a lasting change in your life.


Health doesn’t have to be hard… it just has to be a DECISION. Once you have decided what you want your life to be like in terms of health and energy nothing can stop you.

Like any other thing you have done in your life that was successful HEALTH is no different.

In the UK we are not so good at taking care of ourselves or for that matter putting ourselves first, especially when it comes to our health and well being. In fact many of us see it as indulgent and even selfish.

Let me ask you this…

  • Is it indulgent to eat a separate meal to the rest of your family most nights because you know it will improve your mood and digestion which will ultimately help you feel closer and more connected to your family?
  • Is it selfish to reject a beautifully homemade pudding at a dinner party because it is made with chocolate and you know you will get a migraine which will mean you are wiped out for the rest of the weekend?

It is not selfish or indulgent. We have to do whatever it takes and sometimes that means being different from everyone else.



To your health, success and DECISION!



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