Migraines and Blood Sugar

 Migraines are a blood sugar problem (According to Martin L Budd, 1995)As you all know the body’s main supply of fuel is glucose. And the body will always give the brain and the nervous system priority for receiving this fuel.

When we are eating cake, coffee, coffee, alcohol, sweets, biscuits, white bread etc in a sense our brain is receiving the blood sugar it needs BUT 30 minutes to an hour later when the blood sugar falls we are in trouble.

Because the blood sugar drops lower than it would have done if we had eaten, carrot and hummus, nuts and seeds or oatcakes the brain begins to panic.

Did you know the total glucose concentration within the brain would be exhausted within 10-15mins if glucose were not readily available?

So when the blood sugar drops this low the body automatically increases its blood volume (where the glucose is stored) to get more glucose to the brain.

Unfortunately if this happens too regularly the nerve tissues become oversensitive from the pressure of the bulging blood vessels passing through them. It is this increased blood pressure that produces a headache or migraine.

For more information from Martin Budd look at his fabulous book

‘Low Blood Sugar.’



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