Favourite Smoothies

Why I like using smoothies so much in diet:


  • They are fast food
  • They require little preparation or washing up!
  • They are packed full of vitamins, minerals and enzymes.
  • They taste heavenly
  • You can make them light or heavy depending on your mood and condition
  • They are easily digested giving your digestion a break!



Some recipes I like to use regularly:


Mango and Pear


2x pears

½ mango

½ apple

½ avocado

2 x tbsp sprouted seeds/beans

1 tsp flax

2 tsp lecithin

½ cup pure apple juice

Fill the rest with water and blend away!




Pear and Berry


You can use all the above ingredients and replace the mango with your fave berries. I like blueberries and strawberries because of the colour! If you are feeling light take away the avocado. Or if you have a long morning to get through add the avocado for a slow release of essential fats throughout the morning.



Therapeutic Smoothie


Sometimes I don’t want to be cleansed I just want to be reassured. Smoothies can be very acidic and high in potassium and sometimes I don’t feel like that so here is what I do.


1 heaped tbsp of congee (millet/rice)

1 tsp flax oil

2 tsp lecithin

2 heaped tbsp sprouts

7 x drops of calm and clear flower essence

1 x large pear

Handful of berries

Slosh of juice and the rest water…delicious and very calming.

I hope you enjoy experimenting! I would love to hear your own recipes too!


In health






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