About Fran

Fran Stockley (BSc, PT, Dip) is a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist, Personal Trainer and Life Coach and runs a natural health clinic in South West Hertfordshire, England. 

‘My passion is in bringing people (including myself) closer to themselves and each other and I believe food and nutrition is a great place to start!’

Fran believes that by clearing up the body we can not only lose excess weight, become fitter and feel better about ourselves, we can also increase our potential to feel calm, be present and feel connected to our source.

‘I believe my purpose is to use my energy and communication to inspire and challenge my audiences to connect with themselves through food and health, peace, love and forgiveness.’

‘My intention for this site is primarily as a rich resource for you to feel inspired, challenged, surprised and ultimately empowered in your health.’

This is not a scaremonger site nor is it a bland ‘sitting on the fence’ site trying to sell you products. Througout the sight Fran will not be shy in giving you her professional opinion from a natural health perspective and is very keen to hear your own opinion and in an attempt to create an online community. 

‘My site is not funded or commissioned by any corporate body, it is a pool of professional natural health practitioners who believe health is fascinating, enjoyable and ultimately in the hands of the individual.’

‘I would like this site to contribute to the already pioneering natural health professionals who seek as I do to change the future of this country’s healthcare. It is my belief that we as a society have all the resources we need to live a healthful and energetic life.’

‘My commitment to you is to provide you with all the knowledge and support you may need to change the future of your health. ‘

‘I encourage you to consider what works for you. You are your body’s own expert and as you begin to ‘tune in’ to your body you will see;

‘One mans medicine is another mans poison’

I hope you feel empowered, challenged and inspired by my site and you will pass this knowledge on to your friends, family and contacts who are keen to improve their health.

I commit to replying to every one of you in an effort to change the future of healthcare in this country.

In health love and joy


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