How Fran Works

Fran provides consultations at her clinic in Hertfordshire and offers telephone consultations for her clients who are unable to reach the clinic. She believes in passing on her knowledge and provides bespoke talks and workshops for groups of 8 and above.

One to one Consultations

Before your first appointment you will be sent an extensive questionnaire on your symptoms, childhood illnesses, current medications, and anything else you feel is important for me to know. When you visit my clinic we discuss and clarify your answers in detail and I will provide you with a full interpretation of your current case.

Naturopathic nutritional therapy treats the person not the symptom and so the first consultation is typically the longest in duration and is spent understanding more about your current situation and how you arrived there.

Unlike conventional healthcare, a Naturopath provides their clients with the time and correct space to verbalise their concerns and questions. Typically the first consultation lasts between 60-90minutes.

At the end of your first visit I will suggest alterations and additions to diet/exercise/lifestyle. You will be prescribed some supplements and will be recommended some naturopathic techniques to help alleviate symptoms and to reach the underlying cause. A Naturopaths intention for every client is for their ultimate well being and they will prescribe whatever they believe will encourage healing to take place. Being a personal trainer and life coach I am also able to tailor your programme to address these fundamental areas of health.

Follow-up consultations are shorter in duration and are spaced two to three weeks apart depending on the client and severity of the condition.

Natural Health Talks

Natural health and food in general is still very confusing and conflicting to us all. Sometimes it is difficult to make sense of each piece of information you read.

Fran’s inspiring and energetic talks seek to answer your questions and concerns about health and nutrition. She delivers 60 minute talks to groups of 8 people or more. Each talk is tailored to the individual needs of the group.

Examples of talks include;

  • Living without arthritis
  • Living without IBS
  • How to increase our energy

To find out more information or to book a consultation please contact healthyfran on the contact form below. Please be sure to leave your contact details and specific enquiry.


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  Julia Buck wrote @

Fran. An excellent site. I have lost my way with food a bit but you have inspired me once again. Off downstairs to find my sprouter and treat myself to some super food. I love all the links. Will be in touch.
Lots of love and thanks.

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