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Favourite Smoothies

Why I like using smoothies so much in diet:


  • They are fast food
  • They require little preparation or washing up!
  • They are packed full of vitamins, minerals and enzymes.
  • They taste heavenly
  • You can make them light or heavy depending on your mood and condition
  • They are easily digested giving your digestion a break!



Some recipes I like to use regularly:


Mango and Pear


2x pears

½ mango

½ apple

½ avocado

2 x tbsp sprouted seeds/beans

1 tsp flax

2 tsp lecithin

½ cup pure apple juice

Fill the rest with water and blend away!




Pear and Berry


You can use all the above ingredients and replace the mango with your fave berries. I like blueberries and strawberries because of the colour! If you are feeling light take away the avocado. Or if you have a long morning to get through add the avocado for a slow release of essential fats throughout the morning.



Therapeutic Smoothie


Sometimes I don’t want to be cleansed I just want to be reassured. Smoothies can be very acidic and high in potassium and sometimes I don’t feel like that so here is what I do.


1 heaped tbsp of congee (millet/rice)

1 tsp flax oil

2 tsp lecithin

2 heaped tbsp sprouts

7 x drops of calm and clear flower essence

1 x large pear

Handful of berries

Slosh of juice and the rest water…delicious and very calming.

I hope you enjoy experimenting! I would love to hear your own recipes too!


In health






Calming Congee

Sometimes the nutritional qualities of a food are much less important than the message a particular food or dish sends to our bodies.To be well and feel well we need to build a foundation that is strong, robust and has lots of stamina.

Congee is eaten throughout China as a breakfast food and may also be known as rice water for this reason. It is thin porridge almost like a rice soup.

Traditional congee is made with rice but millet, spelt and other grains can be used.

Although rice is the most common grain for congees, millet, spelt, or other grains are sometimes used.

Congee is fabulous because it is;

  • Easily digested and assimilated,
  • Tonifies the blood and the Qi energy,
  • harmonizes the digestion, and is demulcent,
  • Cooling and nourishing.
  • Provides an alternative for those sensitive to grains
  • Sends a bulk message to bowel
  • Sends a hydration message to the rest of the body
  • Is delicious!

How to make Congee:

  • 1. Take 100g of short grain brown rice and cover in a pan with pure water
  • 2. Simmer for 2-4 hours until a soup like consistency is formed.

My Favourite Congee Recipes:

Sweet Congee: Add ginger, honey, sweet potato and cinnamon.

Savoury Congee: Add seaweed, Miso and onion.

On its own congee: Just as it is….lovely!



Lovely Linseed Tea

  Lovely Linseed (Flaxseed) Tea

So many of you know the wonderful qualities of this tiny seed…but imagine drinking its qualities in a comforting and warm drink daily!

I drink about a litre of this tea daily and it helps me do the following:

Keep my radiant skin

Balance my blood sugar


Feel warm and comforted in the cold weather

Get some of my essential oils

And it tastes delicious and the best thing is….its absolutely free!

How to make weeks worth:

  • Put 3 big tablespoons of linseeds in a pan
  • Fill the pan to the top with clean water
  • Place on your stove on SIMMER for 2-3 hours
  • Come back and add more hot water to the top
  • Take off the heat and strain the linseeds into a sieve
  • You are left with a huge bowl of gloopy looking fluid!
  • For your tea place a couple of inches in a mug, add water and VOILA!

Nutritious and Delicious! You wont believe the effects this drink has on your body mind and soul.

Enjoy and let me know how you get on!

PS I am posting videos on this site starting February by the recommendation of lots of my clients, friends and family oh and

These will also be on youtube



Favourite Post Exercise Quick Dish!

 Fran’s Favourite Post Exercise recipe Takes 5 minutes!This is one of my favourite recipes after I have had a good workout. It gets all the senses going, tastes and looks fabulous, is awesome nutritionally and takes no time at all!

Zingy Stir Fry

You will need:

1 lime

1 small cup of water

1 red onion

2 garlic cloves

10 sprouts

4 sticks of celery

Splash of soy sauce

200g of soaked (or tinned) chickpeas

Sheet of any type of seaweed

Cut all the veggies including the onion and garlic into small pieces. Put into non stick wok with heat on medium and add the juice of half lime. Continue to stir and add extra juice of lime and water when starts to dry out. As the colours start to intensify add Chickpeas and small pieces of seaweed and continue to stir on high heat. Add splash of soy sauce and turn heat off.

Voila! This dish will knock your socks off.

Fran’s Tip: For extra digestive fire add teaspoon of grated ginger.

The Nutritional Value of Healthyfrans recipe

Seaweed Contains B-vitamin folate, and magnesium, and a good source of iron, calcium, and the B-vitamins riboflavin and pantothenic acid. In addition, seaweeds contain good amounts of lignans, plant compounds with cancer-protective properties. Seaweed is anti inflammatory, helps to calm the body, increases the thyroid function and excellent for menopausal symptoms.

Chickpeas a great source of calcium and fibre after a workout or for a low calorie meal at night. They are also a rich source of Zinc which plays an important role in the immune system, regulation of appetite, stress level, taste, smell and reproduction.

Limes are a wonderful anti arthritic food. They are so high in vitamin C and very alkalising which is needed after the build up of acid during exercise. They are also known to be a cooler for those who suffer from ‘hot headedness’ and anger.

Sprouts I know some of you hate them but give them a chance they really are a wonder food. Enough said!

I dare you to try it. Go on give your body a night off digesting unrecognisable foods and give it a go.

Let me know how you get on!

In health