What Is Naturopathy?

In essence Naturopathy (or natural health) is a system or philosophy of healthcare with a multi-disciplinary approach encouraging the body’s natural self-healing process.It is distinguished from conventional healthcare as we know it in this country which is known as Allopathy or orthodox medicine.

6 Basic principles of a Naturopath;

Nature is the cure. The Naturopath believes that given the right conditions the body can heal itself.

Treat the cause not the effect. The presenting symptoms are usually not the problem. The Naturopath will seek to understand where the imbalance is and how to rebuild it.

Do no harm. Symptoms are often a sign of the body’s attempt to heal itself. The Naturopath therefore does not suppress the symptoms but gently supports and encourages the body to restore health.

Treat the whole person. The Naturopath works with you as a whole person instead of just a set of organs. We are trained to identify physical, mental and emotional factors that may cause the disease. For this reason every client is considered completely unique and treatments and recommendations will differ accordingly.

The Naturopath is also a teacher. The Naturopath to educates and empowers all of their clients to take responsibility for their own health. In this relationship between Naturopath and client healing can take place.

Prevention. Naturopaths are prevention specialists. The emphasis is on building health, not fighting illness.

As a Naturopathic practitioner I use a variety of diagnostic methods and treatment modalities to prevent ill-health wherever possible or to guide my clients back to optimal health and vitality. These include nutritional therapy, flower remedies, breathing techniques, hydrotherapy, life coaching and personal training.

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